DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado congressman is leading an effort to secure elections from foreign interference. Rep. Jason Crow, who represents Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, is sponsoring the Shield Act, which would require candidates running for local, state, or federal office to report any offer of campaign assistance or meddling from a foreign government to law enforcement.

“That’s something that, frankly, I wouldn’t have thought that we would’ve had to have had on the books, because that seems commonsense to me,” Crow said in an interview. “Unfortunately, some of the things we’ve seen, in the presidential campaign in 2016 and what’s going on with the Trump campaign, we now have to make that law.”

The bill would also require more transparency in online political advertisements and prohibit anyone from providing false information about voting rules and qualifications.

The bill passed the house Wednesday and is now headed to the Senate.


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