(CBS4) – A woman whose daughter received regular medical treatment with young Olivia Gant told CBS4 she had concerns about how Kelly Turner was treating her daughter and contacted people who could act. The woman agreed to speak on the condition that her face not be shown or name used because it could impact the treatment her own daughter is still receiving.

Kelly Gant, a.k.a Kelly Turner and Olivia Gant

Kelly Gant, a.k.a Kelly Turner (credit: Douglas County) and Olivia Gant (credit: CBS)

She verified her connection by providing a photo of her daughter and Olivia together at a hospital.

“Olivia does not deserve what was done to her. She was a sweet little girl and it’s devastating,” the woman told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger.

Olivia Gant

Olivia Gant (credit: CBS)

Turner has been indicted on 13 counts including murder counts in the 2017 death of her daughter. The mother who spoke with CBS4 on Tuesday said Turner would state symptoms about Olivia’s condition and then would change what she said frequently. She also claimed Turner would give medical advice to other parents on what treatments and medicines were working for Olivia and recommend them to other parents.

Olivia Gant’s gravestone in Littleton (credit: CBS)

“To know you were right in this case is the worst thing you could ever have,” the mother of Olivia’s friend said.

She says she reported her concerns to people who would were able to take action.

“Did I do everything I could have for this child? You have to make an assessment of your conscience,” she said.

Olivia Gant (credit: South Metro Fire Rescue)

But the discovery that Olivia may not have been suffering from a terminal illness and that her mother collected over $500,000 in aid came only after the girl’s death. Most of the money was from Medicaid, but also from a GoFundMe page, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a funeral home, a cemetery and others.

The mother told CBS4 says she acted on her suspicions, but the system may have failed. Nevertheless, she feels that she did what she could at the time.

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“That still doesn’t make it right, okay, and that still doesn’t bring her back,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Rick Sallinger