DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Kelly Turner remains behind bars in Douglas County after being indicted on charges of causing the death of her daughter Olivia Gant. Turner, also known as Kelly Gant, claimed her daughter had been terminally ill and raised thousands of dollars based on that false contention.


Kelly Turner is accused of murdering her child, Olivia Gant, and faking the girl’s terminal illness. (credit: CBS)

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Turner kept a blog called “Prayers for Olivia Gant.”

A passage reads, “Olivia at the age of 2 is an autistic child with an inoperable vascular malformation, a tumor.”

It’s accompanied by an early picture of the girl.


Kelly Turner is accused of murdering her child, Olivia Gant, and faking her terminal illness. (credit: CBS)

This was in 2012, five years before Turner spoke to CBS4 at a Make-A-Wish Foundation event for her daughter. The event was elaborately staged, according to the foundation, after receiving medical information as it does in all cases, a statement indicated.

Olivia was “Bat Princess” then and was described as terminally ill by the mother.

Olivia Gant

Olivia Gant (credit: CBS)

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Turner’s blog in December 2014 said Olivia was then 4 years old. She wrote, “After months of not being able to use the bathroom and being in extreme pain almost constantly, the great doctors decided that surgery to put in a colostomy (sic) was necessary.”

It says after a procedure, her intestines “…were protruding out it looked like a hot dog.”

That was then three years before Denver police granted her wish to be a police officer for a day.

Olivia Gant rides with a Denver police officer. (credit: DPD)

In a video by DPD, the mother said at the time, “Olivia is 6 years old, and she has a terminal disease,” adding, “We been in the hospital for about a month and she’s home on hospice.”

Olivia’s wish was fulfilled. Turner’s blog solicited money back in 2014.

“Help this sweet little girl with all the hospital bills she is incurring,” it said.

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Now that mother is charged with murder and stealing half a million dollars.

Rick Sallinger