(CBS4) – Police in Edmonton, Canada, were searching this week for a man who keyed a Tesla there in a case that’s very similar to the one that happened last month in Colorado. CBS4’s coverage of the Broomfield case drew tremendous attention and police eventually wound up arresting the suspect.

In the Canada case, Edmonton resident Godwin Leung posted a video and image on Facebook last Sunday showing imagery captured by his Tesla of a man walking up to his car and putting a big scratch in the exterior paint by using a key. The man is wearing a plaid shirt and sunglasses in the video.

Canadian news outlet Global News interviewed Leung and he said he didn’t initially get a hopeful response from police when he contacted them. But when he told them he had images showing the suspect, their tone changed.

“But once I showed them the video they were a lot more interested,” he told Global News.

His Facebook post included an Edmonton police case number, but so far there’s no word on any arrest being made.

TESLA KEYED broomfield

(credit: CBS)

In both situations — the Broomfield and Edmonton cases — the Tesla was parked and the owner wasn’t nearby. But new technology in the vehicles called Sentry Mode makes use of their built-in cameras at such times. The owners were able to go back and look at recorded files from the cams to find video of the crime taking place. In the Broomfield case, Maria Elena Gimeno turned herself in after police say they got a bunch of tips and were able to identify her.

Maria Elena Gimeno

Maria Elena Gimeno (credit: Broomfield Police)

TESLA KEYED broomfield

Alan Tweedie’s Tesla video captured this image of the crime in Broomfield. (credit: Alan Tweedie)

Gimeno, 57, of Lafayette, faces a charge of criminal mischief, which is a class 6 felony.

In Leung’s case, he said he doesn’t know why the person drove up to where his car was parked, got out, keyed his car and then left.


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