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DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado has a low unemployment rate of 2.8%. Yet as the holidays approach and businesses anticipate increased demand, many are looking to hire seasonal workers to help out.

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According to Labor Insight Jobs, there were close to 3,000 more retail job postings this September, compared to last. Still, some people are looking for extra work during the holiday season.

“Now days, it’s kind of hard,” Nadjia Jones explained, who was attending a job fair on Wednesday. Both her and her son, are looking for work.

Nadjia Jones

Nadjia Jones (credit: CBS)

“It’s so we can keep on supporting my grand kids and doing what we got to do to survive,” she said.

Jones applied at the United States Postal Service, after she saw they were hiring for seasonal workers to prepare for the holiday rush.

Postal service holiday packages

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USPS said they have sent out over 400,000 flyers across the state, alerting people that they are currently hiring.

“We’re hiring 150 people, just for the Denver plant alone,” explained James Boxrud with USPS.

James Boxrud

James Boxrud (credit: CBS)

The company is hiring in nearly every position including carriers and clerks. Other positions are part of the ‘Holiday Helpers’ program, which allows people to work for 60 days to help with the increase in mail and packages during the post office peak season.

Postal service holiday packages

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“You can keep your other job, work for us for a couple months to earn that extra money you need for Christmas and the kids and go from there,” Boxrud explained.

While it’s temporary work, Jones hopes that if she gets hired for a seasonal position, it could turn into something more permanent.

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“You do the seasonal and prepping, then you’ll be ready for the full time.”

USPS has two upcoming job fairs:
10/30 10 a.m. -2 p.m.
11/04 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Denver P&DC, 7500 E. 53rd Pl. Denver, CO

Many other large companies are hiring for seasonal workers as well. On Wednesday, Dick’s Sporting Goods was holding an event to hire around 120 seasonal employees. Target, and JC Penney’s have also announced seasonal hiring.

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