By Shawn Chitnis

GLENDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – Health departments report a distribution issue and a delay in the production and supply of the senior dose of the flu shot this week as experts say the public should receive the vaccine by the end of October.

“I don’t like getting sick and in my work, if I’m sick, I don’t see people,” said Brenda Bender, a nurse and therapist living in Boulder County.

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She knew from her work in the medical field as well as her love to go on vacations with her husband that the shot would be necessary. But it took her four different visits to pharmacies around Colorado and several phone calls to get the vaccine. Her husband also had to rush to get the senior dose at a nearby location this week. She says it took several days for her to find a place with the supply.

“I see a lot of people coming in and out of my office,” she said. “I don’t want to particularly come down with something. We travel, you’re on planes, you’re already susceptible.”

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Her experience is not alone as both the Tri-County Health Department and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment reported issues on Tuesday to CBS4 about seniors unable to get the dose suggested for people 65 and older in some cases.

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“I became determined I was going to find it,” Bender said. “You may have to chase after it but it’s probably worthwhile.”

Bender suggests calling in advance to make sure the supply is in stock at the location you plan to visit. She hopes the difficult she faced will not deter others from getting the vaccination in time for peak flu season.

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CDPHE says the public should get the shot this month to make sure it is most effective. The agency states there are two versions of the senior dose and patients should talk to their doctor about which one is right for them. In some cases, another version of the vaccine that is available may be more valuable if taken sooner than waiting for the preferred option.

“It’s prevention, and it’s simple prevention, it doesn’t make you sick, it’s inconvenient but it’s simple prevention,” Bender said. “If we take care of minor things, then generally we have a healthier population.”

Shawn Chitnis


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