DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – The Denver Zoo’s new lion cub, Tatu, is settling into his new home at the Predator Ridge Exhibit and getting world-class care. Tatu, or “Tater Tot,” as he’s called by some of the staff, had an ear injury that some of the visitors noticed.

Tatu chewing on camel hair (credit: Denver Zoo)

The zoo addressed their concerns in a tweet and said the injury is likely a result of over-zealous grooming by his older family members.

To heal the ear, the veterinary team used innovative LASER therapy and a healing gel that absorbs quickly to prevent it from being licked off during grooming.

“We’re happy to share that it is healing very well,” officials said.

Officials also said Tatu is enjoying playing with a treat from another animal at the zoo.

“Tatu can’t get enough of his camel hair – sourced from our very own Denver Zoo camel Padme! Whether he’s smelling it, chewing it, or just carrying it around, our little Tater Tot (as he’s sometimes called) has been having a blast with this vet-approved enrichment.”


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