DENVER (CBS4) – A 25-year-old man is under arrest and accused of hitting a Denver police officer with nunchucks and spraying a can of bug fogger, or a “bug bomb,” at the officer and several other officers who were trying to take him into custody. Police say they were attempting to arrest Jesus “Jose” Moreno-Perez at a home just before 8 p.m. on Sunday due to an earlier attack on a family member.

Jose Jesus Moreno-Perez

Jesus “Jose” Moreno-Perez (credit: Denver Police)

It happened on Sable Street not far from the intersection with 45th Avenue in the Montbello neighborhood, not far from Interstate 70 and Interstate 225.

Moreno-Perez barricaded himself inside the home using furniture, according to police documents. After officers kicked down the front door, the suspect sprayed a can of Raid fogger at the officers and retreated to a back room. In the back room, he threw the Raid can at officers, who tried to use a stun gun to stop him but it failed.

(credit: CBS)

Police say the suspect then went into a back bedroom and sprayed a second Raid can on officers who were chasing after him. He also struck an officer in the head with what police said was a “pair of makeshift nunchucks.”

“While Officers were restraining Jesus in the bedroom they discovered two long knifes concealed up his arm sleeves,” police wrote in their arrest report.

Police say Moreno-Perez resisted arrest as they tried to get him into custody. That included kicking and spitting at the officers.

Some of the police officers involved in the operation were taken to the hospital but all were treated and released overnight.


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