AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz has plenty of plans to keep him busy when he retires at the end of the year. He recently announced his retirement on the department’s Facebook page, saying he spent weeks of soul searching before making the decision. Metz told CBS4 the job simply takes a toll.

Nick Metz speaks with CBS4 about his retirement plans.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz speaks with CBS4 about his retirement plans. (credit: CBS)

“I’ve seen a lot in my career. I’ve been there and I’ve seen friends die. I’ve seen countless homicides. I’ve seen some of the worst that people can inflict upon each other,” he said. “And after a while, you just get to the point where I think I was like ‘You know, maybe it’s time to start looking at something else.'”

Metz said he plans to get a Masters degree from Colorado State University in counseling for first responders and military members. He also wants to create an online training program for first responders.

Nick Metz speaks to reporters at a news conference in 2017. (credit: CBS)

Metz took the Aurora chief’s job in 2015 after serving 31 years on the Seattle police force.



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