DENVER (CBS4) – For the second time this week, a flight had to be diverted to Denver International Airport because of a mid-flight issue. At approximately 7 p.m. on Wednesday a United Airlines flight from Washington D.C. to San Francisco landed at DIA after a woman became trapped in the plane’s bathroom.

bathroom issue on flight diverted to Denver International Airport

(credit: taylorkkimber/Twitter)

The door got jammed shut, and no one on board could open it. The woman wound up being stuck in the bathroom for about an hour.

Passenger Jennifer Gettman told CBS San Francisco the pilot came on the plane’s loudspeaker and said “In case you guys haven’t heard the rumor, we are going to be landing in Denver because someone locked themselves in the bathroom.”

“‘And of course we’re not going to make her stay in the bathroom until San Francisco,'” the pilot said, according to Gettman.

When the plane landed, several Denver firefighters were able to board the plane and get the woman out.

Passengers onboard said the woman was embarrassed but otherwise unhurt.

“Everyone clapped, the woman came out, and they all felt very bad for her. And she was safe, so that’s good,” Gettman said.

The flight was back on its way soon afterwards.

United Airlines released a statement late Wednesday evening saying the door became inoperative when the woman was inside the bathroom.

“We are reaching out to all customers onboard and the customer in the lavatory to apologize,” the company said.