MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) — Two bears had second thoughts about trying to get into some trash cans — once they realized they weren’t alone. Kyle Myers posted video of what looks like a mother bear and a cub approaching his trash cans, which he says were empty.

Before the bears have a chance to make their move, a Doberman makes his presence known and barks loudly from the other side of a gate.

The cub seems startled — and maybe curious — but the larger bear leads it away.

(credit: Kyle Myers)

The Doberman continues to bark at the bears, then goes out of sight for a moment and returns with backup — another Doberman!

(credit: Kyle Myers)

Myers shared the video Monday with a reminder that bears are very active in the area right now.

“…don’t forget to secure your trash. Ours was empty but usually goes in the shed,” Myers wrote.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say simply putting trash out the morning of pick up cuts the chances of a bear visit by 70%. Right now, bears in Colorado are spending every waking moment searching for the 20,000 calories a day they need to consume before they hibernate.



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