DENVER (CBS4) – Some Littleton elementary school students got a complete science, technology, engineering, art, and math, STEAM, lesson through a rocket building project at the Museum of Nature & Science.

(credit CBS)

“We are making little paper rockets,” said Conner Walpole, a 4th grader at Dutch Creek Elementary School. “We launch them and see how far we can get.”

The children use their art & engineering skills to build and decorate the rockets. Then they use a bicycle pump to launch the rockets down the hallway toward markers designated by the different planets.

(credit CBS)

“I like how you launch them into planets,” said Anna Housand, another 4th grader at Dutch Creek Elementary School.

Anna told CBS4 that her rocket landed somewhere between Saturn and Mars.

(credit CBS)

“We do this activity because it helps kids use their creativity, their engineering skills, and sparks their interest in engineering,” said Elisa Carlson with the Museum of Nature and Science.

(credit CBS)

This rocket building activity will be at the Museum’s booth at Colorado’s Energy Day.

LINK: Learn About Energy Day

Energy Day is put on by the Consumer Energy Alliance and the Consumer Energy Education Foundation. It’s the largest annual, free, STEM festival in Denver. Exhibits range from hands-on demonstrations, to small and large-scale installations. Energy Day runs 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at East High School.


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