AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The civil service in Aurora recently changed its policy, making citizenship no longer a requirement for a person to work in Aurora’s police and fire departments. Now people on a path to citizenship can apply for jobs. That means anyone with a green card who is here lawfully in the United States.

An Aurora police car

An Aurora police car (credit: CBS)

Police Division Chief Harry Glidden, who among many things oversees the police academy, joined CBS4’s morning anchor Britt Moreno on CBS4 This Morning to discuss why this allows the department to better serve the people of Aurora. He says his city is “a minority majority,” meaning now he can hire a variety of people who better reflect his community. Moreover, he told Moreno, the department can now hire “former military and officers from U.S. territories like Puerto Rico and Guam.”

Aurora Police Division Chief Harry Glidden

Aurora Police Division Chief Harry Glidden (credit: CBS)

“Anyone who served their nation certainly should be able to serve the citizens of Aurora,” Glidden said.

Every non-citizen applicant will go through an extensive background check, and must meet the department’s standards just like a person with citizenship does. Glidden hopes to hire 70 to 80 officers in 2020 and the same amount once again in 2021. He’s trying to hire more officers to keep up with Aurora’s growing population.

The Aurora police department is accepting applications through Dec. 3. To apply, go to and visit their Join The APD webpage.