JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A big bear was caught on camera in a neighborhood in Ken Caryl — and it looks like it had a very successful summer spent snacking. You can see the impressive size of its belly as it lumbers across a driveway.

“This bear has been putting in long hours to pack on the pounds ahead of the upcoming winter,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said. “Let’s just keep it from making a living in your neighborhood.”

CPW has received over 3,800 bear-incident reports since April 1, most involving bears trying to access food sources.

“The number of reports is expected to grow as bears enter hyperphagia, the period of preparing for hibernation when bears spend up to 20 hours a day on the hunt for 20,000 or more calories,” the CPW website states.

Help protect Colorado’s bears by taking steps to bear-proof your home and personal property. Learn more here.


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