DENVER (CBS4) – “Fire in the hole!” yelled Von Miller standing next to a military tank. The Broncos outside linebacker was invited by USAA to be Tank Commander for a day.

von miller tank commander day

(credit: Whistle/USAA)

It’s all part of the NFL’s Salute to Service campaign. The goal is to help football players, like Miller, to better understand our nation’s military and the work of our service members.

“Football and the U.S. military have a whole lot of parallels… that brotherhood in the lockerroom fighting for that one common goal. The difference is when we lose, we go home and have bad attitudes. When they lose, somebody’s getting hurt or they lose somebody,” Miller said.

During the offseason, Miller got to fire a 50-caliber machine gun, fire a round from a tank, ride a tank and fire a flame thrower.


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