(CBS Local)– Amy Hargreaves is on two of the most interesting shows on television.

Hargreaves plays Maggie Mathison on “Homeland,” which returns for its final season on Showtime in 2020 and Lainie Jensen on “13 Reasons Why.” Both of these shows deal with serious topics like mental health and suicide and Hargreaves has been pushed emotionally as an actor. “Homeland” in particular holds a special place in her heart.

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“I love that whole team from Claire [Danes] to Alex Gansa the showrunner,” said Hargreaves in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It’s such a great team and so much of the crew has been there on and off since the beginning. When I went back again last season, it was like coming home again to a really great group of people. Ultimately to play with Claire and share these scenes with her is so special. She is so fantastic and such a lovely person.”

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Hargreaves’ character on “Homeland” deals with a sister in Carrie Mathison who is bipolar and also saves thousands of lives every single day at work. Season seven features several episodes in with the Mathison sisters work through the complexities of their relationship and family history.

“It’s difficult for me to talk about… it’s a complex relationship,” saidd Hargreaves. “Maggie, the sister who is no fun… is the person who has to always come in. Our mother kind of bailed a long time ago and dad was a little manic. Claire’s character Carrie shares his bipolar makeup. Maggie is the only one left holding the bag in the family. I think she’s always had to be the responsible one and it weighs on her and it’s a lot.”

Hargreaves confirmed that Showtime spent a few months filming part of the season in Morocco. While “Homeland” is still a few months away, “13 Reasons Why” is one of the most talked about television shows around. The Netflix show has taught Hargreaves a lot about suicide and the importance of being transparent in conversations about our lives.

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“The writers and producers wanted to handle this topic with a lot of care. We had mental health experts working with us,” said Hargreaves. “We had resources wherever we wanted them. We had support animals on set with us in season one when there were some difficult scenes being shot. Ultimately, we’ve had a positive impact on young people. We’ve helped young people open up a little bit and talk about things they weren’t able to talk about a few years ago.”