By Conor McCue

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman in Lakewood is on a mission to track down a man she’s never met. It’s all because she has his photo albums full of priceless pictures of his family and his time serving abroad as a U.S. Marine.

(credit: CBS)

From her front porch Wednesday, Christine Gallegos sifted through countless precious memories of stranger. Within three different photo albums she showed off numerous photos from birthdays, holidays and even the birth of a child.

(credit: CBS)

“It was just amazing to see somebody that I didn’t know, their life was in my hands, basically,” Gallegos said. “A whole life just in books.”

According to Gallegos, the books appeared on her porch a few days ago. On the cover of one was a note written in Sharpie.

“I’m sorry but a vet lost all his pics, I’m homeless myself and I would try to get these home. If you know this kid please help,” it read.

Once she opened up the book, she saw the man appeared to serve in the U.S. Marines, so she posted on Facebook to try and track him down.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s just being shared everywhere,” Gallegos said. “I’m appreciative of that because it gets at least a little bit closer to hopefully finding who owns these.”

With each additional look through the albums, Gallegos learns something new about her mystery veteran.

(credit: CBS)

On Wednesday she found clues indicating his name could be Robert Kennedy. There’s also a birth record for a Brandon Kennedy.

“This child must be about 19, 20 years old by now,” Gallegos estimated.

With pictures from Kuwait to California, Gallegos has no idea where he could be now, but until she finds out, the pictures are in safe hands.

“I’m very hopeful, because as much as it’s being shared, it’ll eventually get to the right person,” she said.

Conor McCue