By Michael Abeyta

DENVER — Broncos fans who have been taking RTD’s BroncosRide to the game for years are going to have to find a new ride. Two of those fans are Sandy and her husband. They have been Denver Broncos season ticket holders for quite a while.

“1969,” says Sandy. Her husband corrects her saying, “No, ’67,” pointing out that he had Broncos season tickets before he met her.

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For five or six years now getting to the game from their home in Arvada was simple. They took the BroncosRide. “And it’s been great it’s been efficient. 45 minutes each way,” says Sandy.

This year that has changed. The Regional Transportation District discontinued the BroncosRide bus route from Arvada and Westminster because of the new G-line light rail train. RTD says it’s a duplicate route now because people in Westminster and Arvada can ride the train to Mile High.

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Sandy says she took the train for Monday’s home preseason game and doesn’t like it. She says the journey requires a lot more walking and is also confusing to change trains. Plus, she says the journey took her longer. RTD says this route should take between 45 and 50 minutes walking time included. Sandy says it took her two hours. CBS4 decided to take the exact same route Sandy did – on Saturday – and timed it. The journey took reporter Michael Abeyta about 50 minutes.

(credit: CBS)

Sandy says even if that is so, it doesn’t change the fact that she has to change trains and walk a lot more which could be dangerous and cumbersome when the weather gets cold.

“It’s just not user friendly,” she says. “It’s ridiculous to say this is an improved customer service when it’s not. we’ll go back to driving,” Sandy says.

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RTD says they let riders know they were cancelling the BroncosRide in their area. They suggest that people allow extra time to get to the game the first time they take the train to Mile High.


Michael Abeyta


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