(CBS4) — EA Sports responded to the complaints from Broncos country about running back Phillip Lindsay’s unrecognizable avatar in an early version of Madden 20 — and made some major changes. On Wednesday, Lindsay made it clear he was pleased with the new look.

“They did good. It looks good. They got the afro on point. They got my face looking a lot better, so I can’t complain.” Lindsay told CBS4 sports reporter Michael Spencer. “Very improved, very improved. I think a lot of fans are happy about that.”

The change comes after both the Broncos and Lindsay called out the popular video game franchise for his initial appearance.

“People are mad,” Lindsay told ratings performance adjustor Dustin Smith in a video released by the Broncos earlier this month.

“It’s not that close, I totally get it,” Smith responded. “It will be.”

“What about the hair? Is the hair gonna be…?” Lindsay asked.

“We’ve got it even bigger than you’ve got it now,” Smith assured him.

On Tuesday, Lindsay retweeted images of his new avatar — and it’s a game-changer.

Lindsay’s appearance isn’t the only thing that got an upgrade with the latest patch — his Madden Ranking went from an 86 to an 89.

(credit: EA Sports Madden 20)



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