BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers euthanized two bears over the weekend in Boulder County. A male bear weighing 190 lbs. was removed from the University of Colorado campus Saturday. CPW officials say the second bear broke into several homes in Four Mile Canyon.

(credit: CBS)

The bear on CU’s campus was found in the middle of a courtyard and tranquilized. CPW officers say the bear had ear tags, indicating it had been previously relocated relocated from Niwot to an area northwest of Nederland in May.

Per CPW policy, and because relocation was not successful, the bear was taken back to a CPW facility where it was euthanized.

“This is not even close to the ideal outcome for this bear and if we had felt comfortable leaving it we would have as we do with many bears in the city, but its location made it very difficult,” said Area Wildlife Manager Kristin Cannon.

(credit: CBS)

Cannon added there are still several bears coming into Boulder and with fruit ripening and bears beginning to prepare for hibernation.

“It will be imperative that everyone does their part to protect the other bears and discourage them from being in town by ensuring garbage is secure, fruit is removed and all other attractants are secured,” said Cannon.

The second bear was trapped at a cabin it had previously broken into Saturday morning, and was also taken back to a CPW facility where it was euthanized. According to CPW policy, bears that pose an immediate threat to humans must be put down.

“We can’t predict what wildlife will do and if we think there is a greater chance a person may be hurt by a bear, we err on the side of human safety,” Cannon said. “A bear that is continually breaking into cabins or homes is one that poses a serious threat to any human it may encounter.”

(credit: CBS)

CPW officers say between now and early November through mid-December, bears will search for food intensely before they hibernate for the winter. CPW urges residents to not give bears any reason to stay in the city by leaving out attractants and when they do wander into town in search of food, to haze them away so have a much higher chance of survival.


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