AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– The recent heat wave is being blamed for the bad smell coming from tap water in Aurora. Aurora Water says they’ve also gotten a small amount of complaints that the water tastes bad, too.

Aurora Water told CBS4 that the water is perfectly safe to drink. They say the earthy taste of the water is a result of organic compounds being stirred up in reservoirs caused by weeks of hot weather made up of multiple days of 90+ degrees.

(credit: CBS)

Aurora Water says the water levels meet or exceed all guidelines and the smell and taste should dissipate after a long stretch of cooler weather.

Blue-green algae plumes in Sloan’s Lake, caused by hot weather, are prompting warnings to dog owners about the potentially dangerous toxin linked to the algae.

LINK: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Blue-Green Algae Blooms


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