DENVER (CBS4) – More than 92,000 students in Denver are back in class for their first day. With 200 schools in the Denver Public Schools system back in session, Denver police are reminding drivers to follow the rules in school zones.

(credit: CBS)

Officer Kurt Barnes asked on Monday that parents and kids stay safe.

(credit: CBS)

“Talk to your children, make sure that they cross at the crosswalk. No mid-block crossing,” Barnes said. “When you’re dropping your children off at school, make sure that (you) can get them safely to a crosswalk so that it’s not mid-block. Also, kids, don’t step out from in between cars. Motorists can’t see you. We don’t want anyone to have a tragic first day for their school year.”

Anyone driver caught speeding in a school zone could a face of up to $300 fine.


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