By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) – As quickly as it started, the summer is coming to an end for children in Colorado’s largest school district. Denver Public Schools will welcome students back to nearly 200 schools on Monday.

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Athena and Arya Troy are enjoying one last day off before Arya’s first day of kindergarten.

“I’m ready. I don’t know if my daughter is, but you know, it is what it is.”

Even though Monday is the official first day, Arya’s school has been getting her ready for a week now.

“All the parents of the kindergartners met the principal, the teacher and got to see the classroom. Friday my daughter got to go into the classroom with the other kids and spent about 30 minutes learning the routine,” said Athena.

Also getting ready for Denver Public Schools’ first day is Denver Police Officer Kurt Barnes. He works with the traffic operations motorcycle unit.

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Monday, he and his co-workers are going to be keeping a close eye on school zones, making sure rush hour drivers are on their best behavior.

“Put your cell phone down. Stop the distraction while you are in the school zone. Be aware that children might be crossing the street someplace else. They are going to be excited to get back to school.”

Remember, those school zones are now in effect.

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“(There are) Reduced speed limits in the school zones whether it be flashing lights or just the posted signs,” Barnes said.

If Barnes does catch you speeding in a school zone it’s a $300 fine.

He has a message for parents too. They play a role in making sure their children get to school safely.

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“Talk to your children. Make sure they cross at the crosswalk.”

Athena always makes sure her kids get to school safely and says beyond that, parents shouldn’t worry too much about the first day of school.

“Just don’t stress you know? They’ll be fine.”

Michael Abeyta


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