By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Get ready for a fairly quiet weather weekend for the middle of August in Colorado. We do have two weather stories to focus on however.

The first is high fire danger across a large part of the state with several Red Flag Warnings in effect this afternoon and evening, shaded in red on the map below. If your area is not in red the fire danger is still considered to be elevated. It will be windy at times and that will combine with the fairly hot and dry weather to cause any new fires that start to potentially grow fast over a short period of time.

The second weather story is a weak disturbance that will move across the northern half of the state today. It will bring a slight increase in cloud cover and some scattered showers or thunderstorms. While the chance is there it’s not high enough to wash out any outdoor plans – more of a temporary inconvenience than anything else.

In the event that we see any storms develop this afternoon they should stay below severe limits for most areas. There is a marginal risk to see a severe storm or two on the northeast plains. The threat is much higher once you get into states like Nebraska and South Dakota.

Sunday will be hot and dry for the state with more elevated fire danger. The only real weather concern (other than fire danger) will be the potential for a weak cold front to back into the northeast plains overnight. If that happens we could wake up to low clouds and even patchy fog in the morning. This would most likely be from Denver and points to the north and east.

Should that more humid air make it into the Front Range it could cause high temperatures tomorrow to be a few degrees cooler than the current forecast of 91. If the clouds don’t materialize then we will probably be a few degrees warmer than 91. We’ll just have to wait and see if that surge of air arrives like some high-resolution forecast models are predicting will happen.

Chris Spears


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