DENVER (CBS4)– Firefighters in Denver rushed to a parking garage where a lift fell through the concrete on Saturday afternoon. Crews rushed to the sinkhole at 155 Cook Street.

(credit: CBS)

When firefighters arrived, a lift with workers on board fell through the parking garage. Two workers on board were rescued by Denver firefighters and evaluated by medical professionals with Denver Health.

They are not seriously injured.

(credit: Denver Fire Dept.)

The workers were using the lift to wash windows when it fell through the concrete.

(credit: CBS)

Firefighters say there was also a propane leak and structural damage to the parking garage.

(credit: CBS)

The lift falling through the parking structure also burst a pipe that flooded the lower level of the structure and a driveway. It is unclear whether any vehicles were damaged in the collapse.

Denver’s Office of Emergency Management says an inspection is scheduled for Sunday.


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