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DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado startup is hoping to end the epidemic of porch pirates stealing packages form people’s homes.

(credit: CBS)

“We made the hiding spot really easy,” said Ben Dehner, the founder and CEO of BenchSentry. “We really believe more of these in communities the safer communities become.”

(credit: CBS)

Dehner started thinking about protecting packages after he had one stolen.

“I really interviewed quite a few delivery drivers; people of all the different carriers. The consensus I got was they hate porch pirates just as much as we do,” he said. He also noted the need to create an easy process of protection.

Years of work has produced an over-engineered option for people to put in front of their homes. The company says it is waterproof, HOA-friendly, can be cabled or bolted down, and has technology integrated into nearly every aspect of the device that is part bench, part safe.

Ben Dehner (credit: CBS)

“We take a picture and send a notification to the homeowner that the package was delivered. (With a) Second package, if they find that lid locked, it will prompt them to put in the last four of the tracking number. That idea we actually got from the drivers. It’s a unique enough number, it is right there on the package or it is right there on the handheld.”

The first model can hold 7 cubic feet; either big packages or several packages will fit inside. A June online campaign reached the goal and the first shipment of benches is due in the fall.

“We’re trying to manufacture this as fast as possible because we want to get as many of these on front porches before the holidays.

BenchSentry will be on display at the Longmont Fall Home Show offering discounts for people who buy benches. The company is hoping word of mouth will help business grow once customers start getting their benches.

Jeff Todd


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