(CBS4) — The Denver Broncos have some questions for EA Sports about running back Phillip Lindsay’s look in Madden 20.

“We need to talk,” the Broncos tweeted Wednesday morning. “[Phillip Lindsay] would like a word about his hair.”

EA Sports was quick to a reply, with two emoji — “soon” and a smiley face.

“People are mad,” Lindsay tells ratings performance adjustor Dustin Smith in a video released by the Broncos.

“It’s not that close, I totally get it,” Smith responds. “It will be.”

“What about the hair? Is the hair gonna be…?” Lindsay asks.

“We’ve got it even bigger than you’ve got it now,” Smith assures him.

“Good,” Lindsay answers.

Several other players took issue with their ratings in the popular video game franchise.

Lindsay’s Madden Rating is 86 overall, while outside linebacker Bradley Chubb and safety Justin Simmons each scored an 80.

“Eighty felt like a low blow,” Simmons said with a smile. “I felt like it was a personal attack.”

“Can we get these guys some game film?” joked long snapper Casey Kreiter. Kreiter, who got a 40, scoffed at his Madden Rating but just wanted to know if his mustache was going to make it in the game.


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