By Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4) —  She beat breast cancer into remission. Now, a young woman from Wiggins, Colorado is preparing for a challenging athletic competition. Her success will help children fighting cancer.

Emily Ruyle works in the oil and gas industry and is an avid fitness buff. We caught up with her rowing at Front Range Crossfit. She is training to do a 500 meter sprint in 1:45. It’s a formidable challenge for anyone, but Emily spent 2017 fighting breast cancer.


“It was very shocking for me. It doesn’t run my family. There’s no genetics and I was 30 years old at the time,” Emily told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.


The cancer was Stage 3. Emily was in for grueling treatment.

“There were times where I was very angry,” she said.

But Emily embraced a Wonder Woman attitude and began to rely on three things.


“Faith, family and fitness,” she explained.

Just four days after her first chemotherapy, Emily tackled what’s called the D10 Decathlon, a high level athletic competition that raises money for pediatric cancer research.


Emily had started training before her diagnosis.

“I was just doing it because we all say or know that cancer sucks,” she said. “It took on a whole new meaning for me.”

Emily endured 16 rounds of chemo, two surgeries, and 33 sessions of radiation in Houston, where she was living. She has since moved back to Colorado.

“I really think that nature does a lot to heal the spirit and the soul,” she told Kathy.


This year, the D10 will come to Boulder. Emily and John San Filippo are half of a team from Front Range Crossfit.


“I know I’m probably not going to be the fastest or the best,” said Emily.

But she will be an inspiration. Fighting cancer is her cause.

The D10 Decathlon has raised more than $14-million to fund pediatric cancer research. The money is raised through pledges and 100% stays in the community where the event is held.

In Colorado, it will go to Children’s Hospital. The event is Sept. 15, on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus.

Kathy Walsh


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