(CBS4) – Two Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputies are representing Colorado and the United States this week at the World Police and Fire Games in China. Deputies Mateo Montoya-Collis and Bill Litweile are competing in what’s essentially the first responder Olympics.

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Litweiler will test his speed and strength in an event called “The Toughest Competitor Alive.” The event involves a wide range of physical tests.

Montoya-Collis will look for yet another gold medal in several track events. His specialty is short-distance sprinting.

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Montoya-Collis allowed CBS4 to join him for a training session last month. Although it was his day off of work, Mateo Montoya-Collis arrived at the track at Regis Jesuit High School at 9 a.m. sharp. The veteran sheriff’s deputy typically trains five days a week for two to three hours at a time. That’s in addition to his full-time job at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

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“This is the stuff that nobody sees — waking up the old muscles,” Montoya-Collis said while stretching.

The training sessions start with a warmup and quickly progress to a grueling workout. Then it’s time for countless sprints alongside much younger Olympic hopefuls.

“Those dudes, you know, they’re going to be running some of them close to 10.9,” he said.

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“Spain is out there, Germany, Taiwan,” He said. “Any country you can think of that has a police force.”

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“It’s a beautiful thing knowing that you represented and did your best to represent your country so I definitely feel blessed,” Montoya-Collis said.

When Montoya-Collis reflects on past trips to the biennial event, it’s not the medals that stick out in his mind.

“I also want to reach out and have an ally and a friend in a different country knowing that we’re trying to make the world a better place because there’s a lot of dedicated people who don’t get a lot of credit,” he said.



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