By Dillon Thomas

MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – A deer was euthanized this week after a poacher illegally shot the animal twice with a crossbow. The suspect has not been identified, as the Willowbrook Neighborhood and Parks and Wildlife officers continue to search for them.

(credit: CBS)

The doe was found walking with the arrows lodged in its side near the Red Rocks Country Club Golf Course. The course is surrounded by million dollar homes, mountains and wildlife.

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“We love being in the wilderness area,” said Sherryl Kempers, a resident.

Kempers, who has lived in the neighborhood for several years, said she is often greeted in the morning by deer and fawns.

“(I hear) wrestling, and the two little baby fawns were right there by my fence, and the mama came around the fence,” Kempers said. “It is so sweet to have deer come by, and baby fawns. I talk to them and they skitter off.”

(credit: CBS)

Kempers said the neighborhood was troubled to learn someone had shot the deer with a crossbow. One resident posted online saying they remembered seeing a large male with a crossbow riding a bike in the area recently.

“The mom had to be put down because somebody (was) target shooting, or whatever they were doing,” Kempers said.

(credit: CBS)

A GoFundMe page was set up by residents to raise money for information that leads to an arrest. Thousands of dollars were raised within hours to be added to Parks and Wildlife’s $500 reward.

“It seems insignificant, but (the deer) is one of our neighbors. It was really hard to hear what happened,” Kempers said. “Who would do something like that? It is hard to imagine.”

LINK: Protect Willow Springs Wildlife GoFundMe

Dillon Thomas


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