By Joel Hillan

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Friends of Arvada Fire hosted their 4th annual Firefighters Car Fest on Sunday. The car show raised money to help provide specialized equipment for firefighters and to collect school supplies for families who need a little help.

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Bob Loveridge is the President of the Arvada Fire District Board and loves showing off the City of Arvada’s original fire truck.

“A guy came up to me last year at the show and said, ‘This truck here responded to my dad’s house on fire in 1932.’ History came alive right then and there,” he said.

The 1923 Dodge Fire Truck was part of the annual car show put on by the Friends of Arvada Fire.

(credit: CBS)

“There’s a camaraderie, they love to talk about their cars and the stories behind them.”

Money raised from the event goes to help firefighters like Tracey Layva.

“As a firefighter it helps us quite a bit, as a hazmat technician for the county. If we need specialized stuff and we’re not able to get it on our budget, we can ask the foundation for this equipment, they look at it (and say), ‘Is this something that we can use on a regular basis?’ Then they go ahead and buy it for us,” said Tracey.

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Bob says the firefighters have earned the extra help.

“They go into a call, ‘Gee the sidewalks need to be shoveled.’ They take care of that. ‘Oh the dishes need to be washed,’ they take care of that.” he said. “If everyone acted like these guys it would be a whole different world we live in.”

(credit: CBS)

As part of the event there was a collection drive for school supplies. In the coming weeks, families in need will be able to come down to the District 1 fire station, pick up supplies and meet the firefighters.

Joel Hillan


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