UPDATE: The dog has been found, and reunited with the man’s family, but police would still like to speak to the woman seen in the video.

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) — Police are looking for a woman accused of stealing a dog from a man who suffered a seizure at a 7-Eleven in Longmont Tuesday night. Police say 59-year-old Robert Corbey had been feeling ill all day but decided to walk with his dog to the store at 1650 North Main Street.

(credit: Longmont Police)

“While there, he fell, suffered a seizure, and was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not survive,” police said.

Surveillance video indicates that a woman removed the dog from the store while police and fire personnel were trying to save the man.

(credit: Longmont Police)

“The family does not know this individual and the police have not been contacted regarding his dog,” police stated.

Police are asking the woman to return the dog to the Longmont Police Department at 225 Kimbark.

“They not only lost a treasured family member, but are also missing his companion,” police said.

(credit: Longmont Police)

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced that the dog had been found.

“A little while ago, Deputy Police Chief Satur was heading up Main Street and spotted what he believed was Sampson. He contacted the people with the dog, and sure enough it was him,” officials wrote on Facebook.


“We understand this was an emotional reunion. But, kisses all around to the large group of family that came to pick Sampson (Sammy) up. He was thrilled to see them.”

(credit: CBS)

The family has indicated that they do not want to press charges against the woman seen in the video, but police still want to talk to her.

If you have information about this case you are asked to contact the Longmont Police Department at (303)651-8555.