DENVER (CBS4) – Equifax will pay out hundreds of millions of dollars for that massive data breach in 2017. It exposed the Social Security numbers of 150 million Americans — along with other data.


The settlement is the largest data breach enforcement action in U.S. history, according to officials with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

“Equifax acted recklessly by failing to take reasonable steps to protect consumer information they collected and stored,” Colorado Attorney General Phil Weis stated. “As one of the country’s largest credit bureaus, Equifax collected and monetized highly sensitive information about all Coloradans. Equifax’s failure to protect that information is a clear violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.”

The deal requires Equifax to pay as much as $700 million to consumers. Colorado will get just over $3 million from the settlement. If you think you were effected, you’ll be able to file a claim once a court approves the settlement. Hang onto any documents that show it cost you money.

You can get information about the settlement, check your eligibility to file a claim, and file a claim on the Equifax Settlement Breach online registry. Eligible consumers can submit their claims at the settlement website or call a toll-free number (1-833-759-2982).

To receive email updates regarding the launch of this online registry, consumers can sign up at


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