Colorado Native Adjusting To Life In The NFLBy Michael Spencer

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado native and Broncos rookie lineman Dalton Risner has been taking first team reps during the first three days of training camp, but admitted he still has miles to go before the start of the regular season.

(credit: CBS)

“I have a lot to learn,” said Risner. “I’m learning, and I’m learning by failing. I’m not failing every play, but I’m learning by failing so it’s good.”

Risner added there’s a steep learning curve from playing in college to playing in the NFL.

“You’re kind used to dominating guys in college, and you go against guys up here at the next level and they’re a lot stronger, they’re a lot faster and they’re a lot better at what they do, which is great for me. I love it.”

(credit: CBS)

Risner said he’s been relying heavily on veteran lineman Ron Leary and other older Broncos lineman.

“I have no experience in the NFL. Ron Leary has about eight years. I might as well soak as much up of that as I can,” said Risner.


“I’m sure Ron will tell you he probably gets sick of the questions, but I ask questions constantly. I’m going to abuse that. He tells me to ask him questions and I’m just going to continue to ask him because I look up to those guys.”

Michael Spencer