By Makenzie O'Keefe

DENVER (CBS4) – The former air traffic control tower is known site anywhere around Stapleton. Now that it’s been repurposed, families can have fun putting around a unique mini golf course while learning a little about the area’s aviation history.


At the Stapleton Punch Bowl Social, you’ll now find an eighteen-hole miniature golf course. Given the restaurant’s location, the course is decorated with an aviation theme to highlight the area’s history.

“We are here in the shadow of the historic Stapleton air traffic tower, so a lot of Punchbowl Social at this location has that aviation theme leaning toward the mid-century modern era,” explained CEO Robert Thompson.


The course has flight related features such as a plane engine designed to be a tunnel you hit the ball through, to make putting a little more challenging.

“It brings together the history,” Thompson explained. “Any time you can bring together history with scratch cooking and a cocktail is the best way to do history right?”


Thompson added that Punchbowl Social is a great place for anyone of any age to get outside, and have some fun in the Stapleton area.

“I think there is nothing like this in the area but I also think there isn’t any mini golf in town,” Thompson said. “You have to go out to the suburbs for mini golf for families or adults.”


This is the second Putt Club for the company, but Stapleton’s unique addition is the only outdoor mini-golf course for the brand.

Punchbowl Social Stapleton also boasts new food items and cocktails made in their scratch kitchen. The mini golf course has an area with tables to eat, and drink holders at every hole so people can enjoy all aspects of the venue.


Makenzie O'Keefe


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