By Jamie Leary

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4)– A community-funded dog park is showing others how its “donation-only” method of funding is paying off. The dog park has just about everything for pooches, except running water.

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“It was a big effort. People in the community had to get together and it took them over 10 years to get the park even here,” said Ellen Blair, Vice President of the Friends of the West Arvada Dog Park.

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The City of Arvada donated the land for the West Arvada Dog Park 15 years ago. Thanks to volunteers and donations, the park today has shade, walkways and benches. It’s also clean.

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“There are actual humans that fill the bags for the poop and fill the water bottles and raise the money to get the grass trimmed and all the gravel that’s here. Everything that’s here takes volunteers and the community.”

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Friends of the West Arvada Dog Park has found some success with local businesses; so far 12 have agreed to sponsor the park and have contributed everything from trees to toys.

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Every cost adds up. The park needed a donation box. The one in compliance cost over $1,000. The gravel alone cost $5,000. While the city was able to match a $2,500 donation, the latest endeavor will be much more costly.

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The dog park desperately needs water and will need to raise $35,000 to hook into a large main nearby.

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It’s a cost Friends of the West Arvada Dog Park initially found daunting but after checking the total Thursday, they discovered they were half-way to their goal.

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Doran and Blair say the park draws dog owners from all over the metro and when it comes to pets, the community steps up. It’s one of the aspects they love most about the park.

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“Making this dog park have a sense of community; having it be the best place that it can be for the people and our furr babies who come here is why Bill and I spend so much time on this. It’s like a full-time job for both of us,” said Blair.

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If you would like to help the park get water for the pups, you can donate to the campaign on the Facebook.

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List of business sponsors provided by the park:

Arvada Flats Veterinary:

Animal Urgent Care:

Colorado Sun Hemp Pet Care:

Dr. Julie Levering:

Maggie Fast-Keller Williams:

Sentient Beings:

Camp Bow Wow Golden:

Epoque 55+ Pet-Friendly Apartments:

Kat’s K9’s:

Paws and Play:

Tyco Plumbing:

Mitch Davis-State Farm Insurance:

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