BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Brighton’s city manager is out of a job after the city council voted him out on Tuesday night. Brighton City Manager Philip Rodriguez was placed on leave earlier this month before he was fired.

Philip Rodriguez (credit: Brighton)

The move comes after Rodriguez said the city was overcharging residents hundreds of dollars on their water bills. The controversy has divided the city.

(credit: CBS)

Now some people are criticizing the mayor about the decision to fire Rodriguez after he presented to the city council a $70 million slush fund generated from overcharging water customers. Some say their water bills are $800 a month.

(credit: CBS)

The mayor says the petition for a recall effort is not related to Rodriguez.

“I will say this, I worked with the individual for two years, and I was elected to lead this city and I’ve come to the conclusion that the city manger is not the best for the City of Brighton,” said Brighton Mayor Ken Kreutzer.

Kreutzer said he wants to hire an auditor to look into the water issues.

  1. larry amber says:

    it’s a shame, that an honest man, gets put under the bus, when he tells the truth, shame on you..

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