SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – As we head into mid-July in Colorado, snow on the ground is still alive and kicking for some of the state’s higher terrain. A few high mountain spots in northern Colorado haven’t seen snow on the ground last this long into the summer in eight years — since 2011!

With all of the snow our Colorado mountains received this past winter along with a few late season blasts, lots of the snow cover is taking a long time to melt down.

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Nearly two feet of snow falls during the arrival of summer at Steamboat Resort. (credit: Steamboat Resort)

For example, a storm system that swung through the Rockies on June 22 dumped nearly two feet of snow near Steamboat Springs with smaller amounts over almost all other mountain areas. A lot of snow from that system has yet to melt down completely even almost a month later. For Steamboat that blast of snow was the latest snowfall since 1928! Steamboat Springs averages 0.1 inches of snow in June, with May 6 being the average last day of snowfall during a typical season.

Shannon Lukens riding through Steamboat Springs after all the snow (credit: Shannon Lukens)

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Normally, a lot of the snow that sticks around this long tends to be in alpine areas above 12,000 to 13,000 feet. But with the big winter and late season dumps that elevation has lowered in a few spots here and there.

Another example of our snow season’s effect on the summer is up at Arapahoe Basin. The ski area reopened their terrain park this weekend because of the lingering snow that has yet to melt. The last time that happened was………2011!

(credit: Arapahoe Basin / Ian Zinner)

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The current weather pattern has lots of warm weather locked in. Which is right on schedule — typically, the hottest time of the year for Colorado is mid July through the first few days of August.