By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Mother Nature will provide clear to mostly clear skies across all of Colorado on Tuesday night thanks to a large ridge of higher pressure limiting cloud growth in the atmosphere. This will make for great views of the second largest planet in our Solar System.

July 9 is a special day for the planet Saturn because it will reach opposition with Earth, meaning we are located directly between it and the sun, making Saturn appear the biggest and brightest in the sky for the entire year. If you can’t see the planet tonight don’t worry it will be visible for several more weeks, but tonight is just the theoretical “peak” since we are at opposition.

(credit: NASA/JPL/Southwest Research Institute)

The ringed planet will rise in the southeast sky around sunset and set in the west close to sunrise, making it visible all night. It will be highest in the southern sky around midnight.

While it should be visible with the naked eye you can likely get a glimpse of Saturn’s rings and it’s largest moon, Titan, with the aid of a telescope.

Chris Spears


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