AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The City of Aurora is considering lifting its ban on pit bulls and is seeking input from residents. The ordinance  would establish new ordinance language regarding aggressive, potentially dangerous and dangerous animals and remove the city’s restricted-breed ordinance. You can read the full text of the ordinance and submit your feedback here.

(credit: CBS)

The city held two open house meetings in June on the issue.

The City of Castle Rock lifted its ban on pit bulls in 2018 and replaced it with a policy that would examine behavior instead to determine if a dog is dangerous.

A separate ordinance in Aurora would specifically exempt the American Bully breed of dog from the city’s restricted-breed ordinance. Online feedback for the American Bully and aggressive animal proposals are being gathered in a separate survey. To provide feedback on the American bully ordinance proposal, click here.

CORRECTION: An earlier version indicated more public meetings would be held on the measure, which is not the case.