DENVER (CBS4)– Protesters were kept behind a fence with a strong police presence outside an all ages drag show in Denver on Sunday. About a dozen young people participated in the show which caused some controversy.

(credit: CBS)

The show on Sunday was organized by Mile High Comics and the spotlight quickly turned away from the stage and focused on the controversy.

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Children making their way into the venue were escorted by adults, many of them wearing earphones to drown out the protests.

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“These kids are so brave. To be able to share their gifts and their talents,” said Elizabeth Mitchell. “I am a Christian and because I am a mother of a gay child and because my granddaughter is performing in this today. There is a lot of emotion and a lot of conflict for me.”

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Protesters brought signs and tried to spread their message with bullhorns.

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“We have to protect ourselves in a defensive matter. We’re not promoting any kind of violence or hatred,” said one protester.

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The show is a regular occurrence, happening the first Saturday of the month for the past six months.

(credit: CBS)

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  1. Bob Blaylock says:

    «…said Elizabeth Mitchell. “I am a Christian and because I am a mother of a gay child…”»

      A child doesn’t identify as “gay”, or as any other kind of sexual deviant, unless some perverted adult is putting that sh•• in the child’s head.  This is prima facie proof that the child is being sexually abuse, to an even more severe degree than is indicated by participation in this pedophilic drag event.

      The authorities really need to be seriously looking into what is being done to these children.

  2. Doug Oritz says:

    If the people condoning this are not becoming “targets” in the process then shame on the rest of us.

  3. Matthew A Crawford says:

    Cultural Marxism,and all according to the plan,wake the F–k up.

  4. Don McCoy says:

    Sexualizing children is NEVER OK. It’s astounding that this is allowed to stand…MORE astounding that it get’s police protection. There was a time when the cops were out BUSTING these deviants for indoctrinating kids, instead of protecting them.

  5. Matthew A Crawford says:

    Cultural Marxism in action.if you don’t know you had better educate yourself regarding Cultural Marxism.

  6. Maybe having “fun” events involving the sexualizing of children is not the best thing to do?
    Just because it’s happened for centuries doesn’t mean it’s right. The ancient Greeks had sex with young boys and that was considered normal at the time.
    Kids should never be looked at in a sexual manner because it encourages child abuse due to it being normalized.

  7. Devious, gas-lighting, habitual child s3x abusing predators in a Liberal area State Sanctioned, Applauded & Encouraged Parade. These are the same slime-balls that DEMAND we follow their rules as to what we may think, the opinions we may have, how we may raise our children, how we may educate our children.

    Liberals can stick their perverted child abusing degeneracy where the sun doesn’t shine – oh wait, they already do!

  8. Matthew A Crawford says:

    Bike garbage,courtesy of the Hollywood Filth.

    1. Matthew A Crawford says:

      Sick pig’s ,come near my kids and the price paid will be in the red stuff.Fu-k the Hollywood Filth

  9. Mike Suttles says:

    Normalizing pedophilia. Nothing good will come of this. Just ask Epstein and his good buddy Slick Willy.

  10. Ken Dixon says:

    So many people are up in arms about this, apparently seeing it as a threat to all that’s good and holy.

    Are you not aware that “womanless weddings” (yes, including children) date back to the early 19th century as a fun way for communities to raise money for charities, civic organizations and churches?

  11. Steve Martindale says:


  12. Joe Campbell says:

    This is really sick what Denver is doing to children. If the drug abuse wasn’t bad enough we have the perversion of children.

  13. John Pope says:

    It’s the people who defend this kind of obscenity that scares me. Their numbers are growing and soon anyone who speaks out against this kind of thing will be a accused of hate speech, their objections removed from social media and ignored by the main stream press. If that doesn’t make the objections stop then I’m sure they will find or developed other means of shutting us up. There is nothing more insulting or devious than a pervert who’s fetishistic fanaticism is being threatened.

  14. Too bad I used to respect chuck rozanski, and mile hi vomics. Sexualizing children.

  15. Wow the amount of crazy in these comments is astounding.

    1. Crazy from which end? You don’t think this is agenda-driven? If there’s no agenda here, then why is LGBTQ targeting children who have yet to define their sexual identity?

      Consenting adults can do almost anything in private…..but once you go after the children, we’re talking a different agenda. Why can’t LGBTQ leave them alone to decide their identity without outside influence?

      My guess is that would pull them away from the prize.

  16. Robert W. Cochran says:

    End of Days

  17. Mc Spearing says:

    Slouching to Gomorrah.

  18. I think we are losing sight of the real objective here–to influence the sexual development of children so that there are more LBGTQ individuals in the population in order to increase their political power.

    This has always been a goal of the militant wing of the LBGTQ movement. More individuals practicing the behavior, more acceptance of the behavior–more political power.

    It’s the same way the communists deter belief in God in favor of fealty to the state–it always starts with the children.

    I know they’ll never come out and admit this, but it’s obvious that this is one of the objectives.

  19. The wrongness of this is immense. To choose what you want AS AN ADULT is your choice. Before that, we need to let children be children. first example was a christian woman w/ a gay child who produced a tranny grandchild. To not connect the dots which created this, is as bad as enabling it. As another poster said, the P is next.

  20. Tasha Stevens says:

    Both sides of the story? Really?

  21. Keith Diggs says:

    The people who organized this should be banished to HELL.

  22. Mario J. Machado says:

    Denver legalized marijuana, magic mushrooms and heroin … so next will be pedophilia?

    1. Denver allows for public urination & defecation to be in alliance with the illegal population which lacks proper pooping spaces.

  23. Michael P Coleman says:

    Teaching children to play in feces for sex, is sick !

  24. Darren Davis says:

    Dad’s and Mom’s you better put up a fight when this comes to your hometown. This is sodomite grooming. Protect your kids from these pedo’s.

  25. Jas Mannin says:

    The parents are crazy, especially the beta male fathers.

  26. Ralph Davis says:

    If this were a show featuring Christian children, the cops would be bussing Antifa in….

  27. Gins J Ronald says:

    And what good comes from this? I missed the point. Of all the positive children activities and endeavors that adults can be of help to such young children, this must rank as one of the
    most absurd. Loony parents.

    1. Dorothy Cohen says:

      You’re right. There’s Little League. Oops. Big bench clearing brawl with parents of the year punching each other in front of the kids. There’s Disney World? Oops. Big brawl there on Saturday. More adults beating on each other in front of their own kids and stranger’s kids. I believe they call that setting a bad example? How about parental neglect? Well, there was one mother who punished her son for bad grades who made her son dress in a dress and wear makeup and go to school. Yeah, he didn’t get any abuse for that, and he sure didn’t get any abuse when his mother made him walk up and down the street in front of strangers and they laughed at him. Yes, these drag queens are such bad influences. Idiots

      1. Jeff Mitchell says:

        You can sure come up with all the excuses in the world to condone these idiots, can’t you.

      2. Steve Hipps says:

        As long as apologists for these sickening and disgusting perverts like you exist , these absurdities will continue. Obviously your hatred has made you this way. Seek help. Now.

      3. Elbert Colorado says:

        To invoke sexual confusion into these young lives warrants child services coming into these homes and removing them such depraved and degenerate miscreants. Then the parents should face criminal charges of child abuse.

  28. Rick Fischer says:

    The Left has got the L, then the G, then the B, then the T, then the Q. The next step is the P. Normalizing pedophilia is the next hurdle to a society completely without any norms of behavior, without any morality, with no notion of right and wrong, with no limit beyond which is Too Far. LGBTQP is coming.
    After that, what? Another letter for each of the many new genders? How about S, for Snuff Sex?

    1. well NAMBLA says they want to be a part of the perverts movement so it will happen

    2. Gary Griffin says:

      After that they make LBGTRSX| mandatory

  29. This really awful reporting. No mention of the drag queen being given dollar bills during his performance? No question what this is supposed to teach children? This is a clear attempt to sexualize children at a young age. It’s disgusting.

  30. Bobby Bunton says:

    this is sick

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