BOULDER, Colo (CBS4) – It’s that time of year in Colorado for bears sightings in and around neighborhoods. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says the latest bear sighting came out of Sugarloaf Mountain.

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A bold bear broke into a parked Subaru and “took it out for a little spin.”

They said it happened Thursday at around 11:00 p.m. on a driveway off of Primos Road. The car was unlocked, and the bear unknowingly put it in neutral causing it to roll backwards 100 feet down the hill. The car crashed, and the bear managed to escape.

(credit: Boulder County)

Neighbors nearby said there have been three sightings so far this week.

“We’ve already had them around here in the last month or so,” said Michelle Voisin. “They love dog food. They love trash. They’ll be in it as much as they can.”

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Voisin told CBS4 she’s lived on Primos Road for almost 15 years now, and she’s definitely seen her fair share of bears.

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“We do have a dome house right up here,” said Voisin. “They do go in, and they’re famously known for running into their garage and moving their empty refrigerator out into the car yearly.”

Voisin said she knows she’s in their home, even though they’ve also been in hers. So she makes sure she doesn’t leave any goodies out in the open.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4 tried to get in touch with the Subaru owner Saturday, but the owner was not home.

LINK: Living With Bears


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