DENVER (CBS4) — Many people have heard about or seen pictures of migrant families being separated and detained at facilities across the country. It’s a sensitive subject that can be hard to talk about with your kids.

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One Colorado family is breaking that barrier with a conversation and a glass of lemonade and hopes it inspires others to do the same.

Zoe Williams told CBS4 that she isn’t afraid to talk about what’s been happening in the headlines lately, and so her son wanted to do his part to help.

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Most kids Aster’s age don’t usually pay much attention to the world around them, but Aster’s little mind is constantly racing, according to his mom.

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“Do you know how like the muggles kind of treat Harry Potter like a servant? That’s how kind of the kids in detention sometimes get treated,” Aster said.

The five year old is comparing Harry Potter to the children who’ve been taken and separated from their families.

“Aster heard about it and felt really sad. About kids being taken from their families,” said Zoe.

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So together, they came up with their little lemonade stand outside of Hope Tank on South Broadway to raise money for these families.

“This has kind of been our favorite thing for justice,” said Aster.

“We talk about why people have to leave their countries and why people might not have a safe home anymore for a family,” Zoe said.

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Friday’s lemonade stand also caught the attention of Jose Chalit, who became a U.S. citizen in 2017. He told CBS4 he vividly remembers when he came to this country as a young child with his family for a fresh start.

“The fact that it was hard for me and my mom to get citizenship was devastating,” said Chalit. “For me this hits home.”

Aster and his family raised around $400 for Casa de Paz, an organization that offers support to these families.

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