FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Historic buildings in Fort Collins need some work. A nonprofit hopes volunteers will help restore Soderberg Ranch.

Soderberg Farm (credit: Historicorps)

The buildings near Horsetooth Reservoir were built in the 1920s. “Historicorps” is looking for volunteers to rehabilitate them later this fall.

The group will provide meals, tools and training.

Organizers detailed how the project will be broken down:

  • Log Granary:
    • Protect foundation by regrading soil at building’s base:  5%
    • Stabilize log walls: 15%
    • Rehabilitate granary roof using as much historic material as possible, and new material where necessary: 20%
  • Stone Bunkhouse:
    • Repoint failing mortar:  15%
    • Rehabilitate window sashes, frames, trim, and glass:  10%
    • Rehabilitate door:  5%
  • Wooden Horse Shed:
    • Replace deteriorated board and batten:  10%
    • Rebuild hay doors:  10%
    • Repair deteriorated metal roofing elements:  5%
  • Stone Garage:
    • Rehabilitate window sashes, frames, trim, and glass:  5%

LINK: Soderberg Ranch Project Site


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