DENVER (CBS4) – More than a day after a man opened fire while walking north on Lincoln Street, Denver police offered more insight into what happened outside the CBS4 station.

(credit: Dallas Erwin)

Police responded to reports of a man harassing drivers and flailing a gun while on Lincoln.

Investigators say the suspect, who has not been identified, created a confrontation between Alameda and 1st Avenues on Lincoln while on an RTD bus. He was asked to get off the bus and the situation was reported to RTD officers.

Those officers started looking for the suspect because they say he caused damage to the bus by breaking a windshield. They later spotted him at 7th and Lincoln and tried to talk with him. The suspect then pulled out a weapon, and a confrontation followed.

The suspect then fired a shot in the air at 8th Avenue and Lincoln and continued to walk north.

A Denver police officer found the suspect at around 10th Avenue and followed him from across the street. Investigators say the officer ordered the man to drop the gun, to which investigators say the suspect replied “no.”

Just before 11th Avenue, when the suspect was next to a mostly-vacant parking lot, the suspect fired in the air again and then lowered his arm toward the officer, officials say. That officer shot and killed the suspect.

DPD says the actions of a RTD officer helped their officers stay on top of the situation.

“It was very crucial because he was the eyes and ears and bravely followed this individual in close proximity throughout this process,” said Joe Montoya, the Division Chief of Investigations.

Denver’s Police Chief confirmed this television station was not a target.

(credit CBS)

No one else was hurt.

A man who had a bird’s eye view of the suspect from his apartment captured the chaos on video.

Police are asking anyone who has video of the incident to email them at