DENVER (CBS4) – Witnesses recorded video showing a man firing a gun on a busy Denver street, shortly before he was shot by police. A man in a black trench coat and a black hat can be seen walking down Lincoln and crossing 9th.

Dallas Erwin’s apartment looks right down on Lincoln Avenue. When he heard a gunshot he grabbed his phone and started recording.

“Oh my God, this is really scary,” a woman in the video can be heard saying as the man in the trench coat walks past a woman standing at the corner.

(credit: Dallas Erwin)

“Did he just shoot a gun?” Erwin asks.

“Yeah,” the woman answers. “That’s a gun. That is a gun in his hand.”

“Should we call the police?” the woman asks as the man heads south on Lincoln.

“The police is (sic) here,” Erwin answers.

Dallas Erwin (credit: CBS)

“I had a false sense of safety, being up in the building. But then when he waved the gun up in the air I did get a bit concerned,” he told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia. “I was really worried about the people that work in the restaurants and places on the street level. I live in the neighborhood and those are really nice people.”

(credit: Dallas Erwin)

Investigators say multiple people called 911 and they were able to respond quickly.

The man was shot and killed a few blocks down on Lincoln, near 11th.

(credit CBS)

Lincoln Street was closed from 9th to 14th for investigation.

Police are asking anyone who has video of the incident to email them at


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