RED CLIFF, Colo. (CBS4) – Around midnight on Monday morning, the water in the normally-tame Turkey Creek took aim at Billy Martinez and his family’s home. It flooded the one story house like it has never done so before.

(credit: CBS)

Elsewhere in the small Eagle County town, upstream from Midturn, water damaged a bridge to the town’s clean water plant Monday and caused damage to Shrine Pass.

Another bridge was hit by debris like trees, forcing it to be closed.

CBS4’s Matt Kroschel interviews Billy Martinez. (credit: CBS)

The community rallied. Sandbags were brought in to help shore up the river banks.

“We’ve had a lot of local people come in and help us out it’s been great,” Martinez said.

(credit: CBS)

Throughout the county, river levels are expected to remain high through Thursday for Turkey Creek, Gore Creek and the Eagle River.

Thunderstorms could cause higher peak flows with a 60% chance of thunderstorms Monday night and an equal or slightly less chance on Tuesday, and decreasing chances later in the week, county emergency managers say.

(credit: CBS)

Red Cliff officials are coordinating sandbag efforts along Turkey Creek and are monitoring potential threats to utilities along the creek.

Eagle River Fire Protection District crews are performing patrols of local waterways.


Officials from the Town of Vail will continue monitoring the water for the next few nights. The town has replenished sand and bag supplies for residents to last a few more days.


Eagle County Road & Bridge and Town of Gypsum have replenished sand and bags at the county’s Maintenance Service Center in Gypsum.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office has provided sandbag support through an inmate crew. Deputies are monitoring crossings and have closed the South Forty pedestrian bridge in Edwards.


Greater Eagle Fire is working with the Town of Eagle to help educate the public regarding safe use of the Eagle River Park. Visitors to the area may not realize water levels are not typical. Large debris in the water and obstacles downriver can be hazardous.


The Town of Minturn has created a sandbag barrier along the road at Little Beach Park.


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