By Karen Morfitt

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – Two tubers floating in Clear Creek on Friday ran into trouble. One was quickly pulled from the water while the other traveled more than mile until observant employees at Coors Brewing came to the rescue.

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It happened around 2 o’clock on Friday during a shift change at the brewery. Travis Cordova was coming into work when he noticed there was a tuber in trouble in the creek.

“I initially missed her, they must have all caught that and we all ran back to our vehicles and headed down stream,” he said.

Cordova says he finally caught up to the woman, but she was too far away from the shore.

(credit: CBS)

“I had no choice, but to jump in the river and grab her because she was too far out… my man here beside me, he was holding onto me and as long as he was holding onto me I wasn’t going to let of her,” he said.

Louis Gomez says the group of coworkers pulled the woman from the freezing water together.

“She was this close to dying, literally dying,” he said.

They took over caring for the woman, covering her with coveralls and trying to keep her calm.

Travis Cordova (credit: CBS)

Cordova says he was in the water for only a short time and felt like his body was in shock from the cold.

“She was in trouble, I mean what would my son think if he knew his dad could have done something…and didn’t,” he said.

Rescue crews arrived on scene a short time later. They were able to get her to the hospital, alive.

(credit: CBS)

“She must be a fighter, to have made it that far down the creek,” said Sean Nash a Senior Specialist in brewing at Miller Coors who helped in the rescue.

While the water continues rushing by, the group says their adrenaline has let it up. They are now back on the job where they have even found a bit of irony between that rescue and their work.

“With great beer comes great responsibility,” Cordova said with a smile.

According to Golden Fire officials, the tubers were part of a church group at Lions Park near 10th and Maple.

They were not wearing protective equipment they say is necessary to be in the water this time of year, including helmets and life jackets.

(credit: CBS)

Both tubers are expected to be okay.

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