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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – As the only diaper bank in Northern Colorado, The Nappie Project has distributed hundreds of thousands of diapers to families in need. The mission of the nonprofit is to ensure children in Larimer County have enough diapers to keep them clean, dry and healthy.

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The nonprofit collects donated diapers and distributes them to local food banks.

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“I need them for my daughter,” explained Luz Badillo, who was picking up diapers at the Food Bank of Larimer County. “It’s really hard. I have to save money and try to get a box.”

The co-founder of The Nappie Project, Jan Touslee, said for many families, diapers are hard to afford. She told CBS4 that there are no federal programs that subsidize or support the need of diapers for families in need.

CBS4’s Makenzie O’Keefe interviews Jan Touslee. (credit: CBS)

“It’s cigarettes, alcohol and diapers that are ‘disallowed purchases’ on SNAP or food stamps,” Touslee said. “I think the need for is huge and I think people don’t understand that.”

In 2018, the Nappie Project distributed more than 170,000 diapers. The need for access to the basic need is growing, and to keep up the nonprofit needs some extra support of their own.

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Touslee said they are looking to secure funds for a bigger space that will allow them to have a loading dock. They also are looking for more people to help out with day to day operations, because right now Touslee and her partner manage most of the work themselves.

“I don’t know how much longer we can sustain work at this level without more support,” Touslee said. “We know we can do more and we know the need is more.”

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Touslee said their goal is to recruit board members who are passionate about their cause. They also hope to secure funding or a grant that will allow them to hire an operating manager or director, so they can also spend more time spreading awareness about their mission.

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