PLATTEVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado residents in northern Colorado might want to keep an eye to the sky on Sunday. Multiple reports of funnel clouds are coming in, and at least one was caught on camera.

Raeann Breuer captured a photo of a funnel near Kersey in Weld County.

(credit: Raeann Breuer)

Stephanie Whelihan also captured an image of what might be the same funnel. She was looking towards Kersey southeast of Greeley when she took the picture.

(credit: Stephanie Whelihan)

Josh, who wished that CBS4 not use his last name, also took this picture.

(credit: Josh)

None of the funnel cloud or clouds appear to have made touch downs with the ground.

Meteorologist Chris Spears says these were potentially cold air funnels associated with the very cold air passing over Colorado Sunday. If it wasn’t a cold air funnel then it was associated with the processes that produce weak landspout tornadoes, which aren’t usually able to be detected by radar.

There is potential for showers or thunderstorms at any point between the late morning and mid-evening hours on Sunday.


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